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Bill Bunch

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About Bill Bunch for Delegate
Bill graduated from Elon College in 1971 with a major in history. The study of Southern, as well as World history opened his eyes to a more complete understanding of politics and government, thanks to the professors who encouraged him to look at issues from all sides and try to find the truth. 

Bill retired, after thirty years of service, from the U. S. Postal Service as a Rural Carrier, part-time Flex-clerk-carrier and Substitute. His involvement in the Rural Letter Carriers Union included all local offices; local, area and Assistant State Steward, and running for State Executive Board and National President. He was a past State PAC Chair. And presently is serving as State Provident Guild Rep., and has been elected to several national union conventions.

Since retirement he has farmed, raising hay and vegetables, and served as manager of the Tazewell Farmers Market. 

His community service includes, 4-H and Scout volunteer; Active Master Gardener; youth basketball organizer, coach and referee; Tazewell County Fair department co-chair; YMCA volunteer; Food Pantry Donor; 47 year Blood Donor; Tazewell Theatre Group; and Scorekeeper for THS boys basketball team.

Currently he is a member of the Farm Bureau, Four Seasons YMCA; Tazewell Book Study; Virginia Rural Letter Carrier’s Union; Nature Conservancy; Natural Resources Defense Council; National Parks Association; Yellowstone Coalition; Friends of Yosemite; American Postal Workers Union; NARFE; and the League of Conservation Voters.

Running for the future of our children and young people.
Bill Bunch for Delegate
Being the Democratic nominee for the 3rd District’s seat in the Virginia House of Delegates is an honor.

What is especially important to me is to help build and strengthen the local party unit into a force that no state or national office will go unopposed. No matter who wins our nomination for the house or presidency I will support and vote for them. We have the opportunity now, to return both houses of congress to democratic control, and I will work diligently to see that happen.