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There are several ways that you can help.
My campaign for the 3rd District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates is my effort to do all that I can to promote the Progressive Platform that will emerge from the DNC. I am still mentally sharp, physically fit and committed to Progressive Democratic efforts to Overturn Citizens United, Regulate Wall Street, Act to avoid Climate Catastrophe, Protect the Homeland, Raise the Minimum Wage to a Living Wage, Reform Health Care, Protect the Post Office and much more. We will reach out to everybody who will invite us to speak.

We will not be able to match the republican’s dollars! We will rely on Facebook, Email and the Web for most of our outreach. I plan to travel the district selling our platform, especially the Green Energy Production and Jobs plank. Rather than have these modern systems after everywhere else; we can lead the way. Growing and Greening our district with new products and generating power from the air that flows, the sun that shines and the water that falls.

We will have meetings and rallies in every county, town and city. Music, food and grassroots organizing aimed at putting the “party” back in Democratic Party! To do this over an 8800 square mile district about the size of New Jersey we will need money. Please consider making a donation to my campaign. Big, little or in the middle will be very welcome and much appreciated. 

Bill Bunch for Delegate


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