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My Core Issues


 That is all you hear! I love the electricity that makes my life so comfortable. I know that coal makes it work! Our deep mine coal is the best in the world. It will be needed far into the future. I will work to protect it. But, I will work to make the needed demise of surface mining as painless as possible. Even the workers who mine this coal know that they are doing harm. Our jobs will train and re-employ those workers in new industries. Our Green Energy Future initiatives will enable our coal mine “job creating” entrepreneurs to move right into related construction, manufacture and technology needed to make this possible. 

Coal is and has been a major economic factor of life in our region. However, it is a scientific and medical fact that coal has negative effects on human beings, especially children. Coal’s biggest enemy is the truth. The EPA (see EPA position statement) was forced into enforcing the Clean Air Act because of a suit filed and won by the Natural Resources Defense Council, of which I am a Member.

I am running for our children, so I am proud to be a part of what will help make the future cleaner, greener and healthier for them. 

It’s the first thing you hear! We are strong supporters of the Second Amendment! No one I know supports any kind of gun registration, confiscation or restriction of law-abiding private citizens. Never have! Never will!

The vast majority of Democrats agree with the American people that it is time to enact common sense gun sale regulation. I will support universal background checks; closing the Gun Show loophole (this will not end our very popular gun shows. Folks who don’t pass the instant check may have to have their purchase shipped), assault-style weapons ban, magazine size restrictions. I have a personal interest in this issue. My niece, Heather Jenkins, committed suicide with an unmarked, unregistered handgun that the Police in Richmond suspected went through a SWVA strawman.

The kind of gun control that I would like to see is to track down the sources of weapons of these armies of villains and bad guys around the world and limit or end their access.

The Gun Lobby and weapons manufacturers have mislead a majority of their supporters. They are mainly concerned with their bottom line profits. I’ll get a double F from the NRA. I hope to appeal to the majority of their membership to come home to the Democratic Party where they belong!

I am a 100% supporter of Women's Rights, including pay equity; equal protection under the law; workplace protections; reproductive rights; access to birth control,  and ultimately the right to control her own body!


A corner-stone of my campaign is bringing the Green Energy Boom, now underway worldwide, to the Ninth District. The electric grid of the future will be broken down into much smaller, locally based units that can operate independently of the regional unit. Homeowner based power systems will integrate with the Power Company lines, using when needed and selling any excess to the Power Company as required. Larger producers, old strip mines, farmers, cities and towns, will sell extra energy to the grid in much larger quantities.

Home based systems will be financed by a federally backed (at first) Home Energy Bank that will lend at low rates that the homeowner will repay in payments near his old electric bill. After the loan is repaid the homeowner will pay only for electricity used and be credited for any extra. Large producers will borrow from the Commercial Energy Bank. They will repay their loans at an affordable rate. Their earnings will provide much needed revenue for localities across the region. Schools, parks and open areas will produce energy and save taxpayer dollars.

The great thing is that everything needed to make this happen is ready to go! All we need is the will!

Wind Power 

Our farmers and landowners will benefit from the erection of vertical axis windmills that can be sited in fence rows and on grazing land. Think of the miles of fencerow a farmer could use on his own land and how many more if he partnered with his neighbors. Our local government, i.e. the taxpayers will benefit from an excise tax on the energy sold. Strip mine owners and local governments can erect sizeable numbers of large, vertical windmills. These mills work no matter what direction the wind blows, are quiet and are simple to build and maintain. There are many types and sizes of these mills. Units already exist that can be put on poles, roofs, and even the flat sides of buildings. No giant structures that require the leveling of mountain tops, no roadways, no spoiling of our scenic vistas. No having to bring in Environmental friends to protect our migrating birds. Buildings and house trailers unable to support units and vulnerable to encreasingly strong winds can be braced by structures capable of supporting wind and/or solar units.

Solar Power 

Many solar units are already in use across the Ninth. Some Amish friends power their freezer totally by a 4x8 ft. solar collector. The possiblilities for solar power are unlimited. Roof-top, free-standing and pavement embedded units are ready to go. Many south facing slopes along east-west highways could support larger power units. All outdoor lighting should be solar powered.

Low-head and small-turbine Water Power  

I will work to have the Clinch River and New River water-sheds included in the TVA. TVA’s mission will be to develop the region’s potential for power generation by small low-head systems that are compatible to the existing waterway. No big lakes that fill with silt eventually.

These locally based systems will be the backbone of future energy production. Green Energy will receive a
10 trillion dollar investment over the next several years. The Ninth District can lead the way! The greatest benefit of Green Energy is that it will eliminate our use of all foreign oil. No more war for oil or pipelines! No more 200 Veterans per day attempting suicide and 20 succeeding. 

All this and the side benefit of improving our health because our environment will be healing. I had a dream once that we had all come together and cleaned the world, fixed everything! The very next day an asteroid the size of the Ninth District started everything all over. I woke up laughing at the irony! Imagine how the world will look in 100 years if we do nothing. We must act now!

“They are coming to take all of our GUNS!”
   I look forward to 2024, when Vice-President Elizabeth Warren will be elected as our first Woman President! 

Is Climate Change Real​ -There are still those who deny the existence of climate change, claim it is a hoax, a left-wing conspiracy and nothing to worry about! 

The Bill Clinton administration commissioned several studies and reports on climate change. All came back pointing to fossil fuels and human activity as major culprits. Al Gore disallowed the vote protests when the Electoral College votes were counted and allowed the disaster that ensued. The Bush-Cheney administration doctored and changed the reports to lessen their impact. Now, fifteen years later we face the prospect of making our home unlivable for our children and grandchildren and future generations. 

The fossil fuel industry has spent $500 billion dollars since 1990 to cover-up the facts their own scientists were telling them, to buy congressman and senators, to buy college researchers, to found think-thanks, publish false advertisements. Not to mention the murdering of native people in South America who opposed their drilling. Exxon’s own scientist’s told them years ago that their number one enemy is the truth! Air pollution and much of our processed foods contain invisible things called neuro-toxins. These things poison people, all people. It affects everyone’s ability to reason. I like to say that's how people get to be conservatives…Brain Damage! 

Fossil Fuels are burning our mother earth alive, literally. I am not anti-coal! I love my electricity. We will always need coal for coke. Even as it goes deeper and therefore more expensive, we have the best! It’s time to phase out surface mining and put those folks to work in other new local industries.

Coal is not the only culprit! Natural gas leaks as much methane and a variety of toxic gases into the air. Modern technology can capture these gases, but is not mandated, yet. Fracking is the worst thing that has happened to the earth since the last big meteor! An unregulated toxic brew of chemicals, using millions of gallons of water poisons groundwater, the people who do the drilling, and the people who live nearby. I will work to ban fracking.
We will reach out to the deniers as much as possible. We have to do what is in the best interests of present and future generations. When it fell to me to help my Dad in his later years I promised to do what I and my sisters felt was in his best interests. Whether he or we liked it or not! There is too much at risk to wait any longer!

When a person seeks elective office their past gets put under a microscope. Voters should know what they are getting. There are things in my past that people should know about.
I have a bad military discharge. I was stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War. I had joined the Army in the face of the draft even though I agreed with Muhammad Ali and Dr. Martin Luther King that opposition to the War was a necessity. I and two friends became convinced that our duty was to get back to the states and help stop the killing. We published an underground paper, spoke with soldiers about the war and read excerpts from the Pentagon Papers. We did not endanger any other soldiers, but ultimately were charged with insubordination, failure to properly cut our hair and AWOL. We accepted undesirable discharges in order to get back home and into the protests, trying to save American lives. Hindsight is 20/20 and I would have acted differently. I was a good soldier up until that time. I had received an Outstanding Trainee award in AIT. I am a Patriot!

In the 1990’s, I was involved in a cheating scandal involving youth basketball. I ultimately was the person who verified the cheating to an investigating official. I was suspended from the organization and was re-instated on indefinite probation after three years of applying with the support of local parents.

In my 50+ years of driving I have received several speeding tickets. No reckless driving or DWI included. None received were in the last several years.

I have been pardoned for Marijuana possession in another state. This conviction is not supposed to be on my record, but unlike former President Bill Clinton, I did inhale and that’s the truth.

I tell you this because I want there to be no secrets, I promise to all of you that I will never lie to you because you deserve a Congressman who has the guts to tell you the truth.
Bill Bunch For Delegate
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